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Hotspur Studio

hotspurstudio is home to painters Gary Blundell & Victoria Ward. We live in rural Ontario, in a log cabin, in the Boreal Forest. We are both on Facebook & @hotspurstudio on Twitter. You can find all our work under our names including what is available for sale. Thanks for visiting!

Our mailing address and telephone number:
PO Box 312, Gooderham, ON, K0M 1R0, 705.447.3418 or please email us.

Our website is old, html and well, not very cool. We know that. We are not changing it however because it is an excellent archive of our work and if the interface is a little old fashioned, so be it. We never got rid of our vinyl either. Email us for a guided tour or a tailored grouping of work, we are happy to send you selected imagery too!

hotspurnews issue 17, vol. 8 out now!

Location!Location!Location! at Gallery 1313, October 11 -21,Toronto
Opening 6:30-10pm, Thursday, October 11

Research & road trip for our Champlain/Moon Landing Project, Orillia Museum of Art and History, summer 2018, exhibition summer 2019

Our recent exhibition 'secrets of an ever changing landscape' can be viewed digitally on Pinterest & also on the
Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre website. Stay tuned for our performance/sound work here sometime in 2019!

 We are grateful for the continued support of the Ontario Arts Council 

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 Hotspur Studio


All art work and other media on this website should not be reprinted or published in any form without the written consent of the artists, hotspurstudio copyright 2000